2018 Tahoe Bouldering

Competition Results

In 2018 we had 66 competitors.  Everyone had a great time climbing on great Tahoe granite and throwing down at the dyno comp.  We also hosted the event at the brand new Blue Granite Climbing Gym.

Open Male 

1st Colin Wills: 5250
2nd Everett Sloane: 5150
3rd David Sjoquist: 4950
4th Gabriel Flynn: 4675
4th Sam Keechler: 4675
6th Teeagan Favorite: 4500
7th Danny Popowski: 4450
8th Brian Sweeney: 3400
9th Je Kesler: 2925
10th Eric Sanchez: 1800

Intermediate Male

1st Zachary Tan: 3325
2nd Riley Polvorosa: 3225
3rd Luke Hendrickson: 3075
4th Joseph Zanetell: 2925
5th Joey Swisher: 2500
6th Levi Darling Grant: 2350
7th Landon Smith: 2300
8th Samuel Bohannon: 2200
9th Eliah Reeves: 2150
10th Jack Schneider: 1800
11th Matt Davis: 1750
12th Chris Zepeda: 1025
13th Ethan Shaver: 550


Beginner Male 

1st Brian Finn: 1925
2nd Mikel King: 1900
3rd Cassidy Hoehn: 1575
4th Darin Tochimitsu: 1375
5th Ryan Reeves: 1175
6th Alexander Bailey: 1000
7th Alex Poles: 875
8th Natan Brauner: 500
9th: Mark Martinez: 375
10th: Aaron Hance

Over 40 Male

1st Todd Berlier: 5000
2nd David Goodwin: 2200
3rd Doug Englekirk: 2150
4th Daniel Grant: 1875
5th Jesse Wills: 1375
6th Joshua Welch 1200
7th Don Boebel: 975
8th Alan Tan: 875

Open Female

1st Michaela Kiersch: 3925
2nd Jenny Jiang: 3300
3rd Robin Ragins 1100

Intermediate Female 

1st Megan Kwok: 2275
2nd Jamie Lucia: 1400
3rd Maria Gracian: 1250

Beginner Female

1st Jes Coyle: 1425 
2nd Victoria Chiu: 1400
3rd Daphne Quint: 1050

Over 40 Female

1st Rachel Gayfield: 1000

Youth Female

1st Chloe Hamilton: 2100

2nd Zoe Tan: 1625

Female Dyno

1st Michaela Kiersch
2nd Jenny Jiang
3rd Megan Kwok


Male Dyno

1st Joseph Diaz
2nd Everett Sloane
3rd Eric Sanchez

Youth Male

1st Calvin Cha: 3050
2nd Harry Pullen: 2475
3rd Caswell Darling Grant: 2100
4th Cooper Goodwin: 1550
5th Aiden Welch: 450

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