2019 Tahoe Bouldering Competition


This year we had 69 competitors.  Everyone had a great time climbing on great Tahoe granite and throwing down at the dyno comp.

Open Male 

1st Colin Wills: 5225
2nd Nick Lozica: 4475
3rd Nathan Ross: 4050
4th Vladislav Angelov: 3950
5th Joseph Zanetell: 3925


Intermediate Male

1st Calvin Cha: 3800
2nd Levi Darling Grant: 3250
3rd Caswell Darling Grant: 3075
4th Joey Swisher: 2850
5th Chris Palacios: 2675
6th Anthony Brown: 2625
7th Djair Sancho: 2600
8th Daniel Michel: 2575
8th Davin Mattila: 2575
10th Logan McDonald: 2475
11th Ajay Faulstich: 2450
12th Horace Zhang: 2350
12th Nate Toutolmin: 2350

14th Jordan Hernandez: 2125

15th Jared Alden: 1900

16th Natan Brauner: 1725

17th Casey Chitwood: 1700

18th Aaron Hance: 1575

19th Adam Flaten: 1325

20th Zach Steiner: 1200

21st Tim Minard: 900

22nd Lito Sibulo: 500

23rd Eric Harlan: 375

Beginner Male 

1st Alexander Bailey: 2025
2nd Austin Campbell: 1925
3rd Mark Martinez: 1175
4th Jacob Schlittenhart: 1050
5th Jason Christensen: 950
6th Darin Toshimitsu: 725
7th Jake Hartman: 475

Youth Male

1st Cooper Goodwin: 1900
2nd Harry Pullen: 1850
3rd Kai Ensign: 1175
4th Bear Brown: 750
5th Aidan Welch: 675

Over 40 Male

1st Kaiju Saks: 3900
2nd Lars Ensign: 2700
3rd Daniel Grant: 2550
4th Dave Goodwin: 2450
5th Scott Jugle: 2200
6th Joshua Welch 2000

Dyno Male

1st Vladislav Angelov
2nd Stephen DeLuca
3rd Colin Wills

Open Female

1st Jenny Jiang: 3025

Intermediate Female 

1st Megan Kwok: 2675
2nd Izzy Wilson: 1750
3rd Jessie Liu: 1725

Beginner Female

1st Jen Dawn: 1900 
2nd Hannah Smith: 1700
3rd Ashton Passino: 275

Over 40 Female

1st Sabrina Wong: 1525

2nd Corinne DeLuca: 1325

3rd Jill Packman: 575

Youth Female

1st Danica Avery: 1650

2nd Skye Wilson: 975

3rd Coral Dawn-Bloch: 825

4th Annie Brown: 725

5th Tessa Creegan: 525

6th Lillian McDaniel: 400

Dyno Female

1st Megan Kwok
2nd Hannah Smith
3rd Corinne DeLuca


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**some competitors not listed due to not keeping score, and competing for fun.